Day14 – Makola Market and Jamestown, Accra

This morning Robert took Maria and me to meet Mark at the Makola Market. Maria wanted to do some research on textiles, and I needed an extra bag. Mark led us directly to the right places. We could never have managed finding our way in this big market on our own.

I like the netting covering these big onion bundles.


Day13 – Jamestown and Accra

Today we returned to Mercy’s to pick up the garments we had ordered on the first day of our tour.

Then we went to Jamestown, the oldest section of Accra, started in the 17th century by the Dutch to send slaves to Brazil. It is one of the poorest sections of Accra.

We visited a pre-school started by a man named Emanuel Mark Hanson, an African with European ancestry, like many of the Africans along the coast.

Day10 – Ho to Denu

Today we met Jeff Bill Bono, son of the late and famous Master Weaver Bobbo Ahiagble. He joined us in Ho, and we headed toward Jeff’s village of Denu, visiting weavers on the way. We stopped at a village cooperative to see their work.

The colors are vibrant and stunning when the strips are sewn together to make a wider fabric.

Day9 – Akosombo To Ho

It’s Education Week in Ghana and schoolchildren take to the roads to inform people about the value of education.

We saw one group running along in rhythm to a big drum while chanting and singing, holding signs encouraging parents to send their children to school.