Day40 Arezzo 

Today before going back into the Antiquarian Fair, I climbed up to the Medici Fort, which was built by Cosomo Medici as part of a strategic defense system after Florence purchased the town of Arezzo.

The fort is built over a Roman settlement and also contains ruins of a medieval church.

Views from the fort take in the serene countryside and a large cemetery.

Day39 Arezzo Antiquarian Fair

The Arezzo Antiquarian Fair takes place the first Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday. It is the oldest and largest fair of its kind in Italy. No way could I miss this enormous upscale flea market.

I found the Piazza Grande filled with booths containing all manner of old things, enormous ceramic jars, rusted locks and keys, handwoven linens, paintings and jewelry.

Day38 Cortona

Back on my own for a few days, I decided to visit Cortona, a town about an hour from Arezzo.

 I planned to take the bus, as it brings you right up the hill to the town, but as I learned at 8am at the Arezzo bus stop, today is a holiday, June 2nd, the day of the Republic. 

I took the train instead, but it only goes to a nearby town, Camucia, from which you must take a bus into Cortona. But today is a holiday, and the local busses weren’t running. So glad to find a taxi, particularly since…

Day37 Sansepolcro

We took our time leaving the agriturismo La Terra di Michelangelo this morning. It’s such a beautiful and serene place, it was hard to leave.

We picked some cherries off the trees that were loaded with fruit.

Gabriel showed us the meats he makes from his Cinto Senese pigs. This type of prosciutto must be aged for at least 18 months, but Gabriele showed us one that he has been aging for 4 years.