Day19 Perugia to Gubbio

Another event in Perugia this morning.. the Grifonissimo…a type of athletic event including a foot race.

Masses of people wearing Grifonissimo t-shirts, especially parents with kids, participating in the event.

Sponsored by a bank, the event featured a loud and enthusiastic moderator, loud and catchy music, and a periodic chorus of “Money, money, money.”  By the noise of the excited crowd, it seemed like they were giving money away, but not likely.

Day22 – Modena

My last day in Modena, I bring some cookies to class as a go-away gift. One of the unexpected benefits of this school is meeting students from all over the world. It’s Valentine’s last day too. He’s a tall, thin, Austrian, a skateboarder, who turns 20 today.

He’s going back to Salzburg to get the rest of his tattoo, which is his own design, a raging wolf at the forearm. Valentine says that the upper arm will show more peaceful images and will represent balance and harmony when finished.

Day 19 – Modena

After the whirlwind sightseeing weekend, I decide to make today an errand day. I need to purchase my train ticket to Locarno, and I still need those band aids from the pharmacy. The pharmacies always seems to be closed.

The Pausa di Pranzo shuts down most of Modena from about noon to 3:30pm so everyone can have lunch (pranzo). After a few days out of sync, I’m finally getting with the rhythm and decide to wait to do my errands after lunch.

Today in Modena is particularly lovely. The weather has been perfect, expect for a few sprinkles yesterday.