Day26 Vallemaggia

Today I came across this article in the newspaper on the closing of small bakeries due to competition from mass production. Some say that the real quality artisan bakeries will survive and thrive. Let’s hope so.

At the cafe where I had breakfast, this dish was a popular order. Not sure what’s under all that whipped cream. What a way to start the day! One older woman even had one of these whoppers with a glass of wine as she did the Sunday paper’s crossword puzzle.

 Day 23 Bellinzona

On the way out this morning, I noticed a post in the elevator.

This didn’t look at all promising. However this elevator was not the one to fail me. At the Archivio di Stato, I was just going down one floor but part way down, the lights went out and the elevator stopped. Oh yes! The dreaded elevator trap.  All I could see was a thin white line of light where the doors met in the middle of this blackness.

Day22 Fabriano to Bellinzona

Traveling took most of the day today. First, a train across the mountains from Fabriano to the Adriatic Coast and the port of Ancona.

Then a fast train from Ancona to Milano, a Frecciarossa, or red arrow, the super fast train that got me to Milano in just about 3 hours. Beautiful scenery on the way…

Day25 – Val Bavona

Today I am invited to lunch and an excursion to Val Bavona by Gabriele and his wife Patrizia. I interviewed Gabriele on my last trip to the Vallemaggia.

We meet in the center of Maggia, where I have parked the car in a very small lot that is enhanced with this sculpture. Gabriele says it was not created by an artist but rather a stone worker who makes fences and terraces.
Gabriele shows me the house of his grandmother, then we walk a few steps to his house. The house of his cousin is across the street, one brother is next door, and another brother is behind. It’s a real family neighborhood.