Day 27 Ahmedabad

This morning we took a heritage walk of old Ahmedabad, founded in 1411, starting at the temple of Swaminarayan, built in 1822.

The old city is composed of small ‘pols,’ self-contained neighborhoods connected by secret passageways. Each pol has its little square, many with bird feeders like this one.

Day 24 From Jambughoda to Limbdi


Today we visited Champaner, a UNESCO World Heritage site of a city that was once the capital of Gujurat. This mosque is one of the largest in Gujurat and was a public mosque when it was completed in around 1508.

We visited another mosque in the ancient city that was used by the royals. There we found a young couple in their best finery taking photos to celebrate their engagement. They will marry in a year.

Get those shoes!